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At the same time as working on Laser Squad, I also worked on two of Julian Gollop's earlier creations - RebelStar and RebelStar II. I converted these to run in Java, and as they were so similar I bundled them into one program.

Here is my adaption of the Sinclair Spectrum version of RebelStar and RebelStar II. I wrote it to run using Java so that it could be run on any computer that had Java installed either stand-alone, or thein a browser with the java plugin. RebelStar and RebelStar II were considered some of the best games written for the Spectrum (I gather that a version was written for the Amstrad, although not the Commadore 64 as Jason Kelly informs me). Julian Gollop the author of these Games (and many others including other clasics such as Chaos, Laser Squad, the UFO series, the X-Com series and Laser Squad Nemesis) very kindly allowed me to put this remake of his game onto the web for the public to enjoy.

To move around, use 'A' for left, 'D' for right, 'W' for up, 'X' for down. 'E', 'Q', 'Z', 'C' move diagonally. All other options are displayed in the bottom right of the applet. 'V' toggles sound on and off. '+' increases the volume, and '-' decresaes the volume.

Java has changed since I wrote it, and I am no longer able to compile the origional source code. Also the view of the java plugin for the browser has changed, and it's not widely supported any more. I can therefore no longer support it. It does still run (certainly on my Linux system using javaJDK it runs fine). This version was last updated in September 2010.

You can download all the files needed to run RebelStar off-line in the download section.

Special Thanks to Ian McGrath, Vinay Gupta, Craig Turner, moggie, Steve Wilson, James Wood, Charlie Roberts, and Sam Tolworthy for spotting several bugs which I've now been able to fix.

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