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What is Jullian Gollop up to these days?

* Jullian Gollop has a Wikipedia page.
* Jullian Gollop is currently CEO at SnapShot Games a game development company in Bulgaria.

Other versions of Laser Squad

* World of Spectrum has thousands of games you can download and play on a Spectrum Emulator. It has several entries for Laser Squad and Rebelstar. You can find the origional Laser Squad versio, an expansion kit, and several editors. There are several entries for Rebelstar including Rebels Star I and II, editors, Rebelstar 3 and Rebelstar Raiders. As if that was not enough there are also pictures of the tape cassete inlays, instructions, game maps, not to mention links to cheats, pokes, remakes, and magazine reviews. About the best resource out there.
* The PC version of Laser Sqaud for MSDOS can be found here. It seems to run on XP (although I've not had sound working)

Sites with information about Laser Squad (and RebelStar)

* Wikipedia has the best Laser Squad site with information about the game, and links to other Laser Squad related sites.
* Wikipedia also has an excelent entry for RebelStar as well.
* A site with information about the Commodore Amiga version (links to downloads, manual, reviews).
* The review of Laser Squad in the spectrum magazine Crash. They rated it 89% overall and 91% for playerbility.
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